Automatic braking car trend in the future


FEATURES automatic braking will likely be the trend of the cars in the future. With this feature, the car can brake automatically when there is a vehicle or other property which hinder its speed.

This feature can stop the car in low speed about 30 miles per hour even though the driver was not stepping on the brake pedal. Very practical when motorists amid 'completes' or do not see any other cars.

Automatic brake actually began to develop in 2011, Volkswagen's familiar with the system name of Volkswagen City Emergency Brake, or Ford with Active City Stopnya in Ford Focus, Mazda with Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) System in the Mazda6, with Volvo City Safety.

The latest is from Honda. Honda developed the City-Active Brake System. The protection system is one part of Honda's new security system, named as "Safety Package '.