New 2 Door Paceman Coupes


All units are imported by the MINI Paceman will be accompanied Maxindo MINI Paceman service inclusive.INI this genre Coupe, meaning Paceman only comes with two doors, although only two doors but the door is quite long. Paceman all black pillars that give the impression of sporty. At the entrance there is a rear trunk emblem and the MINI Paceman writing clearly visible underneath.

Along with the introduction of new models, MINI sales have increased. Throughout the first quarter (January-March) 2013 has sold 104 units, up 20 percent from the same period last year which sold 80 units.

Overall the year 2012 yesterday MINI sold 342 units. MINI of sales, the best selling model is a variant hunted Hatchback, Countryman, and Cabriolet. See the unique design.The presence of models we expect the new MINI sales to be even better this year. About Paceman also become one of the backbone, so chances are still quite large.

Last year MINI is able to sell 342 units. Meanwhile, sales from January to March 2013, there were 104 units, an increase of 20 percent over the same period last year. Of sales, the most sought after models Hatchback, Countryman, and Cabriolet. Does not rule out the possibilityJust like the other variants of the MINI, BMW did not give specific targets for Paceman, but rather enrich MINI models sold here. BMW Group Indonesia claims to boost sales of the MINI as a whole. BMW MINI sales hope this year is greater than 2012.

At first glance Paceman MINI variant is similar to the other, then what is the difference? The most noticeable difference is the design of the rear lights design is more modern and if one looks closely at the lights as consisting of several fin stack. In addition the rear roof is also more gentle than the front so that the impression of sporty roof increasingly reflected this British iconic car

MINI Paceman Interior.jpg

As for the interior, the Paceman has a relatively broad kabi design, with front seats that can digerser backward with a sizable distance. Besides the seats has also been equipped with arm rest or support arm. Dashboard was minimalist but memorable elegant, with unique middle panel round.

For the MINI Paceman machine is equipped with 4 variants with engine power is also different, namely SD 2,000 cc diesel-powered 143 PS, Cooper D 1.600cc powered 112 PS, 184 PS powered Cooper S, and Cooper-powered 122 PS. All the above variants are equipped with a 6 speed manual transmission and a six-speed automatic gearbox as an option.


MINI Paceman also features sharing features like other luxury cars such as electric mirrors, Centre Rail front and rear, Park Distance Control, Leather seats, automatic air conditioning, as well as hi-fi loudspeaker system 640 watts of Harman.