future hypercar


The existence of the automotive world will never be separated from activities sport, it's what led to the development of innovations in terms of design and technology is constantly changing. One of them is this hypercar.
Classification of sports car since the past few years started to 'bulge', one of them is kind hypercar that can be regarded as the next level of the supercar.

Lies the difference between the two is still somewhat common for national automotive world even globally. But clearly both types of sports car is always synonymous with designs master piece, never seen before, more futuristic and 'fierce'.

hypercars concept
 Although still in draft design, hypercar automotive designer, Abdul Wahid, was able to bring our imagination far into the future will be the shape of a sports car.

Inspired by some of the world's supercar manufacturers like Ferrari, Pagani, Lamborghini and Redbull X1, try to incorporate 'feel and taste' them into the design of the future sports car.

Not only they are an inspiration Wahid in design it, it turns out he also took a 'breather' from the game Gran Turismo 5 and Formula 1. It is no wonder, when we see the figure will smell strong mixing futuristic racing world in the universe.

This design is not likely to immediately teraplikasikan real, or even the enthusiast car modification can make reference. So, pay attention to her figure more detail.