Tata Nano city car for Lambo Veneno

Tata Nano city car for Lambo Veneno!

Tata Nano which is usually a low-cost car to be world's most expensive city car. But it is a fact and true, because there is a special Tata Nano is priced at up to tens of billions of dollars.

Super expensive city car is designed to mark 5,000 years of jewelery making in India's triumph. Making jewelery in India is a celebration of tradition and performed by the group company Titan.

Tata Nano is just around rupee 223407.33 marketed in India has now become the latest Lamborghini supercar Veneno worth of around £ 3 or thereabouts. For performance not to be confused with the bull fighter, but for the luxury Tata Nano this one is certainly superior.

Tata Nano Goldplus this one is no longer a cheap car because it was covered with 80kg of 22 carat gold. Not only that 15 kg of silver to a wide range of 10,000 grains of expensive rocks.

Well that would be a question at this time would cheap city car which turned out to be super expensive these brave wandering in the Way of India? Because of the legs to the body alone is to invite its own charm.