2013 New UsedMazda 6

As the highest variance Mazda 6, equipped with SkyActiv-G petrol engine capacity of 2.5-liter 4-cylinder that features dual S-VT (Sequential Valve Timing) and ETC (Electronic Throttle Control).This technology is able to make more accurate valve openings as needed actual engine inlet air supply and regulate the right to respond to the movement of the gas pedal.Hp@5.700 performance with output 187 rpm and torque 250 rpm Nm@3.250 triggered by the application of a very high compression ratio of the engine is 13:1. To prevent the risk of knocking due to high compression, spraying fuel into the cylinder direct injection engine model adopted precisely regulated by an electronic system.

This machine also added the feature i-STOP (start / stop system) and i-ELOOP technology in the form of a regenerative system that utilizes electrical storage media in the form of a two-layer capacitors. Both of these features are claimed to produce fuel savings.Fuel efficiency is also supported by transmission SkyActive-Drive 6-speed automatic. The transmission can also present a more sporty feel of manually through a pair of paddle shift behind the steering wheel are available.

Compared with its competitors, sedan with coupe-style roof line has a myriad of cutting edge features. In addition there is a collection of 6 airbag safety feature named i-ACTIVESENSE consisting of:- Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) which can warn the driver when sleepy or careless to detect any movement of the unintended lane by drivers without turning on the turn signal.- Rear Vehicle Monitoring (RVM) system that can detect and inform the driver if there is a car approaching from a distance of 50 m on the left and right rear.- Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS) is useful for the driver to see around corners at night with predicting the bend angle of steering wheel input and the speed of light is then directed toward the direction of the car.- High Beam Control (HBC) System that allows the driver to see further at night with the lights automatically go back to the distant yet close to the lights as he passed by another car and back into the light after passing away.- Smart City Brake Support (SCBS) System, which works automatically brakes to avoid or mitigate a collision with a car in front at low speeds between 4-30 km / h.SCBS and created to avoid or mitigate a collision with an object in front of the four-wheeled vehicles.

To add to the driving comfort, cabin cars with electric sun roof is loaded with technologically advanced touchscreen audio devices with 6.1 sound format experts who worked full BOSE audio with 11 speakers.

Unlike competitors who only have a mere arrangement electrically seat, part of the driver's seat all-new Mazda6 also has a memory function that can store settings and restate the sitting position by simply pressing the button on the side of the seat.In terms of flexibility, the latest Mazda6 features like extra large. And even then could still grow by folding the rear passenger seat backrest so that the rear passenger cabin can be used as extra baggage.

That is quite interesting from the Mazda6 is a very dynamic design. Curves and lines make it looks like the firm is being run fast even when he is in a static condition.Power design is what makes the all-new Mazda6 still looks worth carrying Soul Red Metallic color, color avoided by ordinary sedans in this segment. Even with that color, shadow game generated by the contours of the body to be more dramatic Mazda6.

The impression certainly would be different if the color was applied to the other sedans in its class. No wonder if the Mazda so deified kakuatan design.