Exotic car in Accelera Auto Contest 2013


Creativity of the modifier can not be separated from the development of automotive technology advances today. This can be seen in the title contest roadshow modifications Accelera Auto Contest 2013. Homeland biggest modification contest debut in the city of Surabaya as the opening of the 7 cities contest venue.

The two-day, 13 to 14 April 2013 in the Supermall Convention Center (SSCC), the contest featured many of the creators of new things automotive in the event one of the best modification contest in the country.

"Accelera is committed to advancing national modifications by continuing to roll out activities in support of the modifier showcase modification. Accelera Auto Contest One who has become our yearly calendar," said Surya Dharma as Sales & Manager of PT Eagle Premium Tyre Industry as Accelera tire manufacturers and Forceum.

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According to Surya, the development of the sector as well as the modification of the segment has always been the focus and purpose of the presence of this contest. "This year we developed a segment by presenting a new class, the Exotic Car who also became King in this event."

In terms of companies, Accelera also remain committed to strengthening its product line is always present products that accommodate the needs of the modifier. "Accelera and Forceum will continue to launch products that fit the needs of car modifications at this event."

While Cody Enterprises as organizers also continue to make improvements in the process of implementation of the event. Completion of regulation have been started in this year. So also the activities held for the fans keep giving more value.

"We continue to improve to make this contest as the only modification contest the most number one and the most eagerly awaited by lovers friends modification of Indonesia," said Rizky Adriansyah, Project Manager Cody Enterprises as executive event.

 "Regulations continue to develop and we affirmed to be able to make the competition more intense, and the demand by the participants of the contest," he continued. "And as a step to make Accelera Auto Contest is increasingly recognized in Indonesia, we add the implementation of the city into the city 7, if last year was only 6 cities," he concluded.